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Tips on relieving stress in your life

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

It is something everyone faces on a daily basis - stress.  April 30 is the last day of Stress Awareness Month, but it is not too late to learn how to manage it.

Stress can cause serious health problems, but there are various ways to help relieve stress.  One such tip is exercise, like yoga. 

Another stress reliever is laughter, Tucson Medical Center hosted a laughter therapy session in 2013 that was a big success.

Dr. Gulshan Sethi, director of Heart and Lung Surgery at TMC, who led the laughter session, says prolonged exposure to stress can lead to a state of mental and physical exhaustion.  Breathing deeply is another way to relieve stress, according to Dr. Sethi many people breathe shallow and fast when they should breathe deeply and quietly.

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