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ADOT releases redesigned vehicle dealer plate

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The Arizona Department of Transportation has introduced a newly redesigned license plate for car dealers. ADOT began issuing the plates on April 28.

According to a recent release from ADOT, the newly redesigned plate is to help curb misuse by licensed vehicle dealers and manufacturers on new 'for sale' vehicles.  With the issue of this newly designed plate, the older plate that resembled the regular AZ license plate whose numbers began with DL, are no longer valid. 

ADOT officials have mailed the new plates to car dealerships across the state.  The new plates are bright blue with white lettering that show 'Vehicle Dealer' along the bottom. 

In another change the new plates will also be issued a validation tab and registration that will be good for only one year. Previous dealer plates were given a permanent validation tab and registration.

The new plate is being issued in compliance with HB2372, which was passed during legislation in 2013; this new bill allows ADOT to more effectively manage vehicle dealer plates.

"The Arizona Automobile Dealers Association was pleased to work with ADOT in distributing the new dealer plates," said AADA President Bobbi Sparrow, in a recent release. "We're hopeful this and other changes in dealer plate regulations will help prevent misuse of the plates. The actions of a few can negatively impact Arizona's dealer industry as a whole and we appreciate the management of the dealer plate program by the ADOT Motor Vehicle Division."

Those who observe what they believe to be a misuse of dealer plates, are encouraged to call (602) 712-6270 or report it online at

For any questions about the ADOT Motor Vehicle Division, please visit

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