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VIDEO: Marines let their hair down with Frozen's Elsa

(Source: YouTube/Piers Mettrick) (Source: YouTube/Piers Mettrick)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Who say's you can't be macho AND sing along with a Disney princess?

This YouTube video posted by Piers Mettrick proves that anyone, no matter how hard they are on the outside, can enjoy an animated romantic fantasy.

Try not to smile as you watch this video of a group of U.S. Marines watching Frozen and singing along with Princess Elsa as she belts out the song, "Let it Go."

And the reaction in the room is priceless when Elsa lets her hair down, at around the 2:20 mark.

So if you think you can't call yourself tough if you enjoy a children's movie, we dare you to tell that to these Marines. Or any Marines, for that matter.

Go ahead, watch it again. Hopefully, your smile will last all day.

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