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Forest Service to update recreational plan at Sabino Canyon

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Suggestions to improve Sabino Canyon's recreational plan surfaced at a public meeting hosted by the U.S. Forest Service Thursday.

The last time the Forest Service updated its recreational concept and plan was in 1993. Community members and the Forest Service agreed that the current plans is outdated.

Several issues were brought up for discussion, including parking improvements, an eco-friendly shuttle system, new shuttle routes, extended bicycle hours and improved signage along the trails and expanding the current visitor's center, among many other suggestions.

Addressing the tram's noise level was also discussed.

"They're talking about maybe having trams that don't have any speaking. That people can just go up there quietly, maybe switching from the diesel to electric or something that's quieter," said Tim Wernette, who attended the meeting.

Others expressed concern over a lack of accommodations for people with disabilities.

"I really do think the Forest Service has the best intentions but I do think attention -- critical attention -- needs to be paid to the needs of the elderly, and the needs of the disabled," said Don Heller.

The public can comment on ideas and provide suggestions to the Forest Service until June 1. E-mails can be sent to Linda Stamer at

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