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AAA AZ offers an idea of the cars of the future

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

For those looking to buy a new car, listen up. 

AAA Arizona is giving the public an idea of what to expect in future vehicles. The features that are going away might just surprise people. 

Many people may think cars of the future will have only three wheels and a canopy instead of doors, what AAA Arizona is really talking about are changes to the inside of the vehicle. For those who like driving a manual transmission, the future is not looking good.

AAA Arizona car-buying experts came up with five things the public will see more, and five things that are going away. 

Four of the future car upgrades deal with safety:

- back up cameras are here and they will likely become standard

- lane change alerts

- vehicle to vehicle communication to avoid crashes

- advanced collision warning systems

- more fuel efficient technology such as engines that turn off instead of idling.

Major items that will not be available in the future:

 - manual transmissions

- car keys could be replaced by smart phones, this could also replace the CD/DVD systems in vehicles

- gas caps would be replaced with spring loaded flaps

- spare tires would be replaced with flat-fixing kits, this last one would be done to help save space and weight, according to car manufacturers.

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