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Today's Most: Teenagers dress up in Flintstones costumes as part of punishment for stealing

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TODAY'S MOST...Interesting Punishment: Three teenagers spent all day dressed in Flintstone's costumes outside a comic book store as part of a punishment. 

The teenagers stole a replica of the Flintstones mobile several months ago from outside the World's Best Comics store in Sacramento, California. They apparently picked it up and hauled it off in the back of a pickup truck. After several days, police finally recovered the cool car. The owner of the store decided not to press charges.

Instead, Dave Downy told the kids they'd have to work for the store. Why did he decide not to press charges? Downey told CBS Sacramento, "the legal system and the messiness of it, that's not always necessary. And I think this was one of those times when it just wasn't necessary,"

Saturday, the three boy dressed up in Flintstones costumes and stayed outside the store all day. They posed for pictures with customers and held signs. 

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day across the country, so it was the busiest day of the year for the store. Downey said his sales skyrocketed. 

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