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Hurricane season started May 15th for west coast of Mexico

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May 15th kicked off the East Pacific hurricane season. The East Pacific Ocean includes the tropical waters off the west coast of Mexico and Central America. Storms in this area can influence Arizona's weather. If tropical storms or hurricanes track northward, up the west coast of Mexico, they can trigger a moisture surge into the Gulf of California. This surge of tropical moisture is funneled north over the gulf and into Arizona. When this happens, monsoon storm coverage can increase over the area.  

The current forecast calls for an above normal number of storms in the East Pacific this year. This is partly due to an El Niño forming in this area, creating a warm pool of water at the surface of the ocean. This warm water provides the energy needed for storms to form and sustain themselves.  

The East Pacific hurricane season runs through November 30. The Atlantic Ocean basin hurricane season starts on June 1 and also runs through November 30. Below is the list of names for both the Atlantic and Pacific hurricane season. 

El Niño has the opposite affect on hurricane forecast numbers in the Atlantic Ocean. The forecast is for less storms in this area because the winds over the ocean don't favor storm development. 

You can track tropical activity across the globe at, just click the Hurricanelink found on the Weather page.

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