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Bone loss, it's not just an older woman's problem

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KOLD is teaming up with Carondelet to answer questions about women's health.  This afternoon there is a team of doctors specializing in cardiology, oncology, breast health and gynecology, ready to take calls, the number is 572-7355.

One major health problem, that many consider an issue strictly for older women, is bone loss.  This is not a problem that occurs only when a woman is in her 40s or 50s.  Doctors are saying bone loss can occur as soon as a woman is in her 30s. 

However, there are a few things that women can do to help ensure strong bones in the future - the major one is to get moving.

"Running, jogging, any sort of sport that you enjoy doing like jumping," said Alysson Coulter, PT, DPT/Physical Therapist. 

"Every time we take a step, our bones are remodeling. The more load that we place on them, the denser they become," said George Bradley, Orthopedic Surgeon.  "If we were to just lay in bed, our body would see that bone was not necessary and start reabsorbing it."

The idea is impact, so skip the bike and go for the treadmill.  Bump up the incline and keep a fast pace.  Don't forget about lifting weights either. 

"The risk is having a wrist fracture from a fall, so you put your hand out and that's when you break your wrist, so loading a whole arm can be good."

There are a few more exercises to work into that routine; for legs - lunges and squats, remember to drop down into a lunge, do not lean forward and with squats knees should hover over the feet.

And add triceps dips to focus on the arms. 

"You want to feel those muscles working and get that soreness, but it shouldn't hurt where you don't want to do them anymore."

Once that exercise routine is in gear, a daily dose of calcium (1,000 to 2,000 milligrams) and vitamin D (400 to 800 units) can also add to the health of bones. 

"You want to start at the highest peak of calcium in your skeletal system that you can so when you're gliding down at the end of your life you're up higher."

There is also an online test that people can take to see how healthy their bones are.  Go online to  It is a way to assess a person's risk of having a fracture in the next ten years, it is a very simple test people can do by themselves online.

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