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Today's Most: Prank letters in teacher mailboxes order 'mandatory inspections' of male private part

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

TODAY'S MOST... Ridiculous School Prank: Someone put a letter in all of the teacher mailboxes at a high school in San Francisco. The note claimed the district required "mandatory penis inspections on all male students, faculty, and staff at Lowell High School."

The school thinks the letter is probably a senior prank, but hasn't figured out who's behind it. The school responded with a statement, which says "The fliers, which mentioned a male body part, were removed and the dean of students at Lowell is investigating. Lowell administration is regarding this incident as a senior prank, and the infractions will be addressed according to school and district policies."

Lowell is a high school with a good academic reputation. As strange as this prank might be, it's apparently not original. The letter is similar to ones that circulated at two other high schools in the San Francisco area in past years.

The note was signed by "Richard L. Dong, Head Penis Inspector."

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