Records released on TPD sergeant shown in viral video

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The police sergeant identified in a viral video showing force against a University of Arizona student following an NCAA game in March, has had mostly positive reviews in his 18-year history at the Tucson Police Department.

Tucson Police released documents relating to Sergeant Joel Mann's nearly two decades on the force, including records detailing incidents that led to Mann's suspension years ago.

The reports show that Mann was suspended without pay in two separate incidents in 2005. The first, involving an incident at Park Place Mall where Mann checked on a criminal trespass incident.

According to the records, an Internal Affairs investigation revealed Mann "berated and humiliated" a person in public. The report also stated Mann "failed to interview prior to his decision and that there was no probable cause for an arrest."

That same year in August, Mann was suspended for three days without pay for another incident stemming from a traffic stop for a speeding violation. The complaint alleged Mann "seemed angry and told him the driver was under arrest," the documents state. It also alleged that Mann's "attitude and demeanor was arrogant, flippant, threatening and completely offensive."

In recent performance reviews dating from 2009 to 2011, Mann was shown to have met, or exceeded, standards in professional attitude, safety practices, and interpersonal community relations, among other standards.

In July 2005, a lieutenant sent a memo commending several officers, including Mann, for their "high degree of professionalism, which resulted in the removal of a dangerous individual from the streets of Tucson."

Another memo dated in 2006 commends Mann's involvement in finding two runaway sisters, stating "Sergeant Mann was helpful as he assigned several of his squad to conduct follow-up duties in an effort to locate the youths," the records state.

Mann has also been a member of the Arizona Army National Guard since 1987.

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