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Be on the lookout for more wildlife in your neighborhood

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Dry and drought like conditions may lead to some unwanted visitors to the neighborhood.

Arizona Game and Fish say dry conditions over the next few months could bring bobcats, coyotes, snakes and other wildlife to urban areas.

Officials are saying animals may go in search mode for food and water, they say if the animals cannot find food in the forests, desert and mountains they will look in other places to find food and water. 

Here are a few tips officials offer to help keep these unwanted visitors out of neighborhoods:

-Do not feed the wildlife - remove pet food from outside the home.

-Block crawl spaces, shelters or dens.

-Do not let the wild animals get comfortable in the neighborhood - homeowners can do this by spraying animals with a water hose, lighting up areas at night, and create loud noises by playing music, shaking a can of pennies or even banging pots and pans together. 

Another step the public should remember is not to pick up any wildlife that appears injured or orphaned. Handling an animals and getting it used to human presence, may doom that animal from being able to survive in the wild in the future.  Do not assume a baby animal is orphaned, the mother is generally close by and will come to the young animal after the human has left the area.

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To check out a list of animals that just might be found during this time, check out the following slideshow -

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