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I-10/Prince Road Project is essentially finished

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

It's finally over.

The Prince Road-Interstate 10 road project was completed Monday afternoon.

A few minor things have to be done, but the two-and-a-half year project that slowed commuters on the interstate, from Miracle Mile to Ruthrauff Road, for so long has come to an end.

Crews finished the final paving Monday.

In about 30 days, the rubberized asphalt will be cured and ready for crews to put the lane striping down.

Interstate 10 through Tucson is being widened to four lanes in each direction.

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is doing it in sections.

This part of the project included the Prince Road Interchange.

Prince Road has been elevated so it now goes over the railroad tracks and over the interstate.

The question for many drivers is, "When can we start going 65 miles an hour on this part of the interstate, instead of the usual 45 or 55?"

"You'll be getting to go 65, hopefully, this afternoon. Probably tomorrow would be the best thing. The signs have to be placed out. We have to make sure there's no workers out there. So the plan is to finish the paving this afternoon.We've got to finish some striping on this and once all those mainline workers are out of the way, then we'll be able to open this thing up to 65," says ADOT Tucson District Engineer Rod Lane.

Lane says, from an engineering point of view, the project is "substantially complete."

"Traffic can use all the lanes, all the facilities. Are we done? It depends on whether you want to say the word 'done' or not. We've still got some striping to do. We've still got some lights to install. We've still got a little bit of landscaping to do, but I can say that we are substantially complete with the Prince Road Project," Lane says.

The next major work on the interstates around Tucson starts next year.

It will be the new Ajo Way/I-19 interchange.

The plan is for the project to start next year to let the interchange handle the heavier traffic in the area and make it safer.

After that, in 2016, ADOT is set to start construction on the Ina Road Interchange.

That will take Ina over the railroad tracks and the interstate, much the same way it is at Prince Road.

Then in 2018 construction on Ruthrauff Road is slated to begin.

There too, crews will build a bridge to take Ruthrauff over the railroad tracks and the interstate.

At this point, there are railroad crossings where trains block traffic on both Ina and Ruthrauff Roads, near I-10.

Construction at Ina and at Ruthrauff will not include widening the highway.

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