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Transit Task Force says no to bus route changes

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Not everyone in Tucson is on board with a proposed plan to change bus routes and save an estimated $2.4 million.

The city's Transit Task Force voted not to recommend the changes that would affect 28 bus routes around the city.

"It was a great victory for bus riders,"said committee member Brian Flagg.

Monday night's vote was split, with the majority of the members voicing concerns about the proposed changes. Flagg said the main concern of the project was timing. The process itself moved to quickly and the upcoming year is not the time to make these changes he said.

"Now is not the time," said Flagg.

Barbie Urias sat in the audience Monday night.She said Monday's show of no support in the changes came as a relief. She has a car of her own, but prefers the bus for daily travel.

"I feel more secure," she said. "I enjoy the community. It's fun to be with people."

Some of those people are part of the 1,400folks who belong to the Bus Riders Union. Organizer Jim Ojeda said what matters now is that city leaders listen to them and the vote from the task force.

"We know that our council is listening to the voice of those people that are usually the last ones to be able to say something," he said.

Flagg added that the task force is in support of improving the bus system but it does not agree with what's proposed this time.

"We have to invest in a good bus system and that's what the city's doing," he said. "They're not rolling back the good things that have been done to make this an award-winning bus system."

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