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Relatives of man shot in April officer-involved shooting speak out

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Family members of the man who was shot during an officer-involved shooting in April are contesting police accounts of what happened that night.

Michael Castillo was shot and injured after Tucson Police officers were serving a search warrant at an apartment on the 2600 block of North 14th Avenue on April 11.

A police report said the officers pursued Castillo when he took off on foot. A confrontation followed and multiple gunshots were exchanged between Castillo and the officers, according to police.

The search warrant shows police found firearms, ammunition, a glock gun case, gun-cleaning kits, holsters, drug paraphernalia and other items at the 14th Avenue apartment.

Castillo's sisters claim those items do not belong to their brother and said the apartment was not his. They also said Castillo did not fire any shots and said they have a picture showing a gun was still under his waistband.

"There's no way he could have reached into his waistband as he was running. He didn't even know who was behind him," Anna Castillo said.

Family members also said they have been barred from visiting Castillo at the hospital.

Police said this is standard procedure for anyone who is under custody while they're being treated and visitations are limited or denied based on security precautions for the hospital.

"We're dealing with someone who's in custody for a violent offense and on top of that we don't have a real formal mechanism for visitations at the hospital regarding a prisoner. We don't have anything that could be guaranteed safe for the hospital staff, the other patients at the hospital, the officers, the prisoner or the family," said Tucson Police Spokesman Sgt. Chris Widmer.

Castillo has spoken to his mother on the phone, according to relatives. The sisters said Castillo's two children have been missing their father and wish to see him.

"They have been crying every night, they haven't been able to sleep, my mother is sick, you know we just need to find out answers and we feel that we're being violated," Monica Castillo said.

Relatives also said this is not the first time their family has dealt with an officer-involved shooting investigation. They say another relative, Johnny Castillo-Romero, was shot during an officer-involved shooting in 2012.  Find out more here

Charges are pending against Michael Castillo until he recovers.

The shooting case remains under investigation.

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