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First responders training on the modern streetcar

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

First responders will be conducting planned emergency training on the Modern Streetcar Tuesday morning.  This testing is in preparation for the streetcar beginning operation in a few months.

Personnel from both Tucson Police and Tucson Fire will deal with a variety of scenarios, in order to be ready in case a real emergency happens.  The training is part of a federal mandate to make sure first responders are ready in case there is ever a terror attack.

It is happening Downtown on the west side of I-10, off Congress. The exercise will help first responders make sure they are prepared for an emergency that could affect riders if something like a hostage situation were ever to happen, while riding the streetcar. Also, firefighters will be out dealing with the fire safety aspect.  All this training is required by the government for all new forms of transportation. 

The exercises are expected to start this morning and last until the evening. 

While out and about downtown and wondering what the emergency is with the streetcar, not to worry it would be the specialized training going on. 

Tucson's modern streetcar is scheduled to start operating by the end of July.

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