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We broke the ice on the Santa Cruz

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We hit our first one hundred degree day here in Tucson on Friday, May 16th.  This is right on par with our ten year average and ten days before the all time average of May 26th.

We went 237 days between our last 100° day which occurred on September 20th, 2013.

Saturday, May 17th we also hit one hundred with a high of 101°, a degree warmer than Friday. Sunday, May 18th we are forecasting yet another triple digit degree day in Tucson with a high of 100°. But after that we should stay clear of these numbers for at least a week.

Here are the last ten years and the first date we saw 100° in that year:
2014: May 16th
2013: June 1st
2012: April 22nd
2011: May 27th
2010: May 28th
2009: May 7th
2008: May 18th
2007: May 11th
2006: May 21st
2005: May 20th

We do average 62 days a year with a temperature above 99°. With our first triple digit day behind us, when do we normally see our first 105° day or warmer? That would be June 13th and we usually average 22 of those a year.

And beyond 105°? We usually see our first 110° day on June 29th and average less than one of those a year.

Hopefully this year we do not see a temperature warmer than 110°, last year our hottest day was 112° on June 29th.
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