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Time to check your swamp coolers

Swamp cooler (Source: Maria Hechanova) Swamp cooler (Source: Maria Hechanova)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

It's that time of year to check your swamp cooler before it gets too hot to get on your roof.

If you're committed to DIY, here are a few reminders to make sure you don't get hurt while prepping your evaporative cooler.

Experts say doing the following can help you make your evaporative cooler run more efficiently. Plus, it can help you avoid big repair costs.

According to Naughton's president & CEO, Frank Naughton, the number one thing to remember before you check your swamp cooler is to unplug the power source. Water and electricity don't mix. You don't want to get electrocuted.  

Another tip, wear rubber-soled shoes when getting on the roof.

Also, while you're cleaning your swamp cooler, don't drain the water on your roof. The water residue can stain your roof and you can slip on the wet surface.

Northwest Fire officials say they can get several calls a season regarding swamp cooler fires during the summer.

When it gets hot outside and you continuously keep your swamp cooler on, it works overtime and can overheat.

Captain Adam Goldberg with Northwest Fire says the calls they get usually involve an electrical problem with the motor. If the pad is dry, that can spark a fire on your roof.

Goldberg adds many times, these fires can be preventable.

He suggests replacing the water pump and pads at least once a year and recommends cleaning the water lines from debris.

For a full list of swamp cooler prep advice from Naughton's, click here à http://www.naughtons.com/Pages/cooler_tips.html

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