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What to do in case of rattlesnake bite

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Arizona Pest Control warns the public to be aware of rattlesnakes and offers tips in the event of a rattlesnake bite, which is potentially fatal.

Rattlesnakes can be found anywhere, but commonly find shelter among brush and rocks, or venture out onto roads and streets to absorb the warmth into their bodies at night or when the weather cools, officials said.

The most common snakes include the Northern Pacific Rattler, Western Diamond Back, Sidewinder, Speckled Rattlesnake, Red Diamond Rattler, Southern Pacific, Great Basin and Mohave Rattlesnake.

Arizona Pest Control said the most distinctive identifying characteristics of the rattlesnake, other than the rattle, is a wide, flat triangular head, much broader in back than front, with a distinct "neck" region. It also has openings between the nostrils and eyes, which are hooded with elliptical pupils, according to a news release. The dark and light bands near the tail above the rattles are different from the markings on the rest of its body. 

Arizona Pest Control advises those who suffer a rattlesnake bite to do the following:

- Stay calm

- Wash bite area gently with soap and water

- Remove watch, rings, etc. that may constrict swelling

- Immobilize the affected area

- Transport safely to the nearest medical facility

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