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Today's Most: $10 million yacht sinks before it's delivered to owner

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A brand-new, $10 million yacht capsized before it could even get delivered to its owner.

Emergency crews smashed open a window on the yacht and pulled the five men out who were trapped inside. Here's video of the rescue.

Wes Fridell works for the company that built the yacht, and was on board. He said, "The boat tilted to one side, and though not unusual, the amount of tilt was a little abnormal, so we paused to collect ourselves and assure that everything was going be right, and as we continued to lower it down, it pitched and that's when it went over."

One of the crew members says water started rushing in before they got out. Wade Benda said, "It seemed like forever, but it was probably 60 seconds."

The 90-foot yacht was being delivered to its new owner in Anacortes, Washington. It's not clear exactly why the boat tipped over. The ship builder spent about three years building the boat, and will now have to pay to cover the costs of salvaging it.

Nobody was seriously hurt. Coast Guard divers are removing all of the fuel from the boat, so it can get lifted out of the water.

It's not clear who owns the yacht.

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