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Climate change agenda in Tucson

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

It's a letter already a year in the making but has yet to be finished.

Tucson's climate change committee has been discussing a letter which will urge the city to take a more forceful stand on fossils fuels.

The meeting to discuss the tone an tenor of the letter never got underway because it failed to attract a quorum.

So it will be at least another month until the wording it complete, and maybe not even then.

"We'd like to give the city to the end of the year to begin a dialogue," says Co-chair Ron Proctor.

The letter will ask the city to set standards when it comes to energy created from fossils fuels.

That will may be made more difficult because of Tucson Electric Power's recent decision to reduce its reliance on coal and move towards natural gas.

TEP says it wants to reduce its use of coal by a third in the next five years. 

"It's a cleaner source of fuel and it's more cost efficient for our customers," says TEP spokesman Joe Barrios.

But the climate change committee has some doubts about those claims.

"It's replacing a fossil fuel with a fossil fuel," Proctor says,

Besides he says "there are questions about leakage."

But Barrios says TEP will be converting to more natural gas "as we move forward in the future."

That future, at least for the next decade and a half will consist of fossil fuels. 43% coal and 21% renewables like solar. The rest will be natural gas.

Whether the committee can sway the city is yet to be seen but "that's our goal," says Procto.rm

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