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Firefighters on high alert after south side brush fire

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

This time of year, and in our dry conditions wildfires can start anywhere. Firefighters want you to know that it doesn't take much for a small brush fire to get big.

Earlier today Rural Metro Fire put out a brush fire on the south side, near Columbia and Country Club.  They managed to get this fire under control before it got bigger, but they're worried about other brush fires.

The brush fire broke out here in an industrial area, near many businesses.  Firefighters say high winds fueled the fire, spreading it quickly through the brush and into some larger trees. No homes or building were burned. 

Officials are not sure how the fire started.  Firefighters say while this was a small brush fire, it could of been much worse.  With this dry weather, heat and wind you should be prepared here in Arizona. 

Since April this year, Rural Metro has responded to 27 brush fires, which they say is consistent with last year. However, with the wildfires in the Sedona and Flagstaff area, our firefighters are on high alert.

They say there are a few things we can do as a community to stay safe. Captian. Grant Cesarek with Rural Metro said, "We need to do our part. Make sure there is 30 to 40 feet of defensible space around your house. Clean up dry brush,clean up the things that are going to then cause a fire to spread to your house. Do your part to make sure you help us out as firefighters and then as a community we can be a little bit more safe."

Firefighters also want to remind those barbecuing outside to control those sparks. Make sure fires are completely out and dispose of lighter fluids. Also, with kids getting out of school, they say it's crucial to pass this message along to your kids and educate them on brush fires. 

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