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Immediate fix needed for embarrassing VA crisis

As we prepare to remember the people who died serving our country this Memorial Day weekend, it's also time to make a commitment to fix the medical system serving our veterans.

It's an absolute disgrace to hear the Veteran's Administration may have failed many of them. As you probably know, an investigation - which started at the Phoenix VA - is looking into how dozens of servicemen and women may have died while waiting for treatment.

Other facilities across the US may also have serious problems. Thankfully, at least from what we know so far, Tucson's VA has not been not implicated in this scandal.

But that is little comfort. The investigation needs to be complete, factual and non-political. Fixing the VA should not be a tool for political parties to score points in this election year.

Our veterans need and deserve quality health care. They have served our country and they deserve our respect. This is an embarrassing crisis. An immediate fix needs to be put in place … people need to be fired ... and we need to get back to serving the men and women who served our country.

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