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Strongest May hurricane ever for Pacific

Hurricane Amanda has become the strongest eastern Pacific hurricane on record in the month of May after a period of rapid intensification.

Amanda is a tad early compared to the average first hurricane for the eastern Pacific but within the season that started May 15th. The average first named storm is usually June 10th and the average first hurricane is June 26th. 

Amanda's estimated winds peaked at 155 mph early on Sunday, one mile per hour shy of a category 5 storm. It has surpassed 2001's Hurricane Adolph, which was previously the strongest May hurricane on record for the Pacific.

The storm developed very fast and exceeded all forecasts with its winds as the waters in the eastern pacific are extremely warm for this time of year. Thursday afternoon it was only a tropical depression with winds near 30 mph. Friday afternoon it was already a storm with winds near 40 mph. As of Saturday the cyclone blew up to a category 1 storm with winds near 80 mph and later that evening it had winds near 115 mph and was a category 3 storm. Sunday morning was the peak and has since had winds slightly lower than the 155 mph.

The latest reports put the hurricane within category 4 winds at 145 mph and gusts as high as 175. The latest forecasts call for the storm to weaken and not threaten any land masses and the storm will drift over cooler waters and fall apart by next weekend.

We are watching some moisture from this storm to possibly bring us rain by Thursday!

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