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Wrightstown Elementary School site could be sold by TUSD

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Boarded windows and brown grass showed a school that hasn't had any class for some time at Wrightstown Elementary School.  And neighbors have watched ideas for its future come and go.

"Some of the other things fell through, and I don't know what they're going to do now," said neighbor Nicholas Fletcher.

Ideas for rental housing were too dense for the community's taste.  They also worried about their mountain views being blocked by multi-story buildings.  Now, the third proposal for TUSD is that Pepper Viner Investment will buy it with the plan to build no more than 55 single family homes on the 9.2 acre site.  At least three quarters of the land will be single story residential development.

"I would like to see the space used for something a little more community based.  I mean, yeah, homes are kind of necessary but homes are popping up all over town," said neighbor Win Quartermaine.

After years of having an empty school across the street, not all neighbors of Wrightstown Elementary agree they want to see a development here.  But some will tell you it's better than continuing with the school sitting empty.

"I don't feel bad as long as it's something, something good, not just rental houses because I've seen rental houses in other parts of town and there's a bit of the unsavories and we don't need that in this neighborhood," Fletcher said.

"Being one level would be great because it wouldn't obstruct much in the way of the view," Quartermaine said.

Even if the board approves the deal Tuesday, the city must approve rezoning the land for the plan to happen.  That means that neighbors might still have options in what direction this empty school could go next.

"As long as they do something with it because as of right now it's kind of an eyesore," Nicholas said.

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