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Tucson teacher receives scholarship for sustainability education workshop

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By Cara Popeski, Tucson News Now intern

Honeywell Green Boot Camp, a workshop designed to drive sustainability education worldwide, attracts middle school teachers from around the world. This year, Brenda Dickason, a local Tucson teacher from Safford K-8 Magnet School, has been selected to receive a Honeywell scholarship to participate in this interactive program.

From June 22 through 27, Brenda will join 70 teachers from 12 countries around the world at the San Diego Gas & Electric Energy Innovation Center, a facility with first-class sustainable building strategies, according to a news release.

The teachers will participate in sustainability lessons, as well as expert-led energy-efficiency lessons, including projects such as building wind turbines and solar cars and using watt meters to measure energy use of "energy vampires," appliances that continue to use electricity even when turned off.

In addition to these interactive exercises, the teachers will also discuss classroom applications of lessons from Green Boot Camp in their own classrooms and subject areas. In fact, a former Green Boot Camp participant Robert Rand claims that the discussions were a unique opportunity to collaborate on sustainability ideas with other teachers from around the world, and he says in a news release that since attending Green Boot Camp, he has "been able to plant the seeds of sustainability in [his] classroom, which is a direct result of the meaningful activities, lessons and conversations [he] brought back."

Paul Orzeske, president of Honeywell Building Solutions claimed in a news release, "Green Boot Camp aims to provide ideas and insights for teachers to help inspire and inform students to be more sustainable-minded and aware of energy conservation practices." In granting 70 educators scholarships to participate in this award-winning workshop each year for the past six years, Honeywell Hometown Solutions, funding Green Boot Camp, hopes equip teachers with sustainability methods, lessons, and concepts to share with their middle school students, and ultimately spread the awareness and education of sustainability and energy issues worldwide.

See the full list of attendees here.

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