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Tucson start-ups get launch party, hope for success

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A downtown coalition called Thryve strives to make Tucson the next big start-up capitol in the world. 

The group had a "Launch Party" to celebrate ten local applicants who have been chosen to help turn their big ideas into reality.

The goal is to mentor and train the groups to get their products or ideas off the ground to make Tucson and the world a better place. 

Dozens of people showed up to the Launch Party Tuesday evening. Co-founder of Thryve Jenn Teufel Schoenberger said the process started out several months ago with more than 50 applicants wanting to be chosen into the ten member cohort. 

"Some of them are about community cultivation to make sure we have a sustainable food and water source here in Tucson. Other ones are about getting people out, fit and healthy," said Teufel Schoenberger. 

Chaz Shelton is with The Merchant's Garden. His goal is to use aquaponics and hydroponics to grow food.

"We believe in building a retail location where people can come in and pluck their produce right from where it grows. So that people can know their food is indisputably healthy and fresh," said Shelton.

Booma creator David Herring wants to map out the location mentioned in books into an online database.

"If you were traveling over the summer and you wanted to find a book that was set in that area and you can search by location. That would bring up the books and the location that was there," said Herring.

He hopes the one-on-one mentoring he'll get with entrepreneurs will help him sell his idea.

"Our entrepreneurs are cowboys. They really are. They're not just innovating, they're really getting ready to launch out into the world with their great ideas," said Teufel Schoenberger.

Over the summer, the ten groups will go through an intensive training program with business leaders and experts to create a business model and plan. The goal is to pitch those models to industries later this fall.


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