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Today's Most inspiring story: 55-year old about to graduate from basic training

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TODAY'S MOST...Inspiring 55-year old: Sgt. 1st Class John Taffe will graduate tomorrow from combat basic training with many fellow soldiers. Taffe is the only one who's 55 years old.

Taffe told the San Francisco Chronicle that as part of training, he ran up to 5 miles a day, did 40 to 50 pull-ups, 150 sit-ups and practiced hand-to-hand combat techniques that bloodied and bruised him.

So why would a 55-year old go to basic training? Mostly for financial reasons. Taffe, who lives in California, was in the Navy for 14 years. He realized if he joined the reserves for six more years, he could increase his benefits and help pay for his daughters to go to college.

There are no age requirements in the army, but a waiver is needed if you are 55. Taffe enrolled at 54, so he didn't need the waiver. 

Taffe also told The Chronicle "I wanted to re-enlist after 9/11, but my boss at the time said, 'No, no and no...So this was something I've wanted to do for a long time."

He lost 23 pounds during boot camp. He will join the Army Reserve when he gets back to California after graduation.

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