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Eckbo fountains request not all wet

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Gerrett Eckbo is a noted landscape architect who left his mark on the TCC in Tucson.

During the late 1960,'s, he built a series of fountains at the newly constructed Tucson Convention Center.

It was a downtown urban renewal project which garnered much attention.

But the years have taken their toll and the fountains are dry and showing signs of age.

What to do with them may be a question the voters may decide.

The Tucson bond advisory committee is listening to a project, first estimated to be $30 million, to restore the music hall, Leo Rich theater and the eight acres known as the Eckbo landscape.

The bond committee feels $30 million is a bit much and asked the people supporting the renovation to tone it down and come back asking for less.

How it plays out will, in part, be determined by what happens to La Placita, also a symbol of some neglect.

It will most likely be part of the bond proposal going to voters in 2015.

Pima County and the University of Arizona are interested in making it a cultural center.

"All the pieces have to come together," says Michael Keith, CEO of the Downtown Partnership and a member of the bond committee.

But he adds since the East end of downtown has redeveloped "it's nice to see things moving West."

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