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Oro Valley stand-off reports released

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ORO VALLEY, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Hundreds of pages of sheriff's reports outlining a deadly hostage situation were released by the Pima County Sheriff's Office on Friday.

The incident took place on April 1 in the 12,000 block of North Mount Bigelow Road in Oro Valley.  In the reports every deputy and officer at the scene details their account of what they saw on that day.  The reports also include interviews with SWAT team members, victims, and officials involved in the incident.

Sheriff's officials said it all started when a man fled from a traffic stop. The rest of the night was chaotic, as deputies said the man, 36-year-old Steven Wahl broke into several homes, took hostages, fired at deputies, then finally ended up killing himself after a 12-hour stand off.

Deputies pulled the car over along North Oracle Road and North Steam pump way.  Deputies on the ground and by helicopter chased the car to a parking lot of a northwest side hospital.  A passenger, Marie Margeson, 55, got out and ran into the hospital.  She was taken into custody and charged with drug possession. Wahl took off on foot.

A few minutes later deputies started getting 911 calls of a home invasion on North Mount Bigelow Road, off of Rancho Vistoso Boulevard.

Deputies at the scene state they heard lots of gunfire coming from one of the homes.  One deputy stated that Wahl was shooting out of a broken window of a home he barricaded himself in, and that the deputies had to duck for cover.  They could hear the rounds hitting the pavement in front of them and behind them.

The reports state officers found a family of four huddled together, hiding in a closet, trying to hide from Wahl while he was inside their home.

One resident, a teenage boy stated he was playing video games when he heard the burglar alarm go off, but didn't pay attention to it, as it happened often.  He turned around to see Wahl pointing a gun at him. 

One victim described Wahl as "naked, with slicked back hair, short, and fat."  A lady stated she offered him a towel to cover himself.  Another victim said he was sweaty, and appeared frantic as he stormed around the house with his gun pointed at residents.  He appeared apologetic, then would start making demands.
He shot his weapon several times while inside the homes.

One victim stated he texted his neighbor who was a police officer saying "There is a gunman in my home.  Please help."

The neighbor responded and said, "Is this an April Fool's joke?" Ironically, it was April Fool's day.

The reports state Wahl barricaded himself with a female hostage for almost five hours.  Her mother who was in the home was able to get away.  The female victim was able to escape.

The 12-hour stand off ended with Wahl killing himself.  The SWAT team sent a robot into the home.  When they saw images of what appeared to be a body and a pool of blood, officers went inside the home.  Reports state Wahl was found dead in the bathroom, with a self inflicted gunshot wound and three revolvers lying next to him.

Deputies who searched the vehicle he had ditched by the hospital said they confiscated at least a dozen cell phones, radios, three bags of a substance that tested positive for methamphetamine, a broke glass pipe, and hydrocodone pills from his car.  The items were taken in as evidence.

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