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Your Week in Viral Videos: A music genre that needs to be created

Frostie the Snow Goat needs a wheelchair to get around, but it doesn't stop him from playing. (Source: Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary/Vimeo) Frostie the Snow Goat needs a wheelchair to get around, but it doesn't stop him from playing. (Source: Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary/Vimeo)

(RNN) – The French Open got underway this week, and it was kicked off by an impressive dance display on Kids' Day.

Frenchmen Laurent Lokoli and Gael Monfils had a dance off that Monfils, who appears to have rubber legs, won handily. (Monfils is in the white shirt.) Lokoli didn't fare much better at the tennis portion of the tennis tournament, either, losing to Steve Johnson in the first round despite winning the first two sets.

Monfils, however, is still alive and upset Fabio Fognini to reach the fourth round. Monfils isn't likely to advance beyond the quarterfinals, but it will be a long time before someone breaks his serve break dancing.

Hillbilly heavy metal

Whatever your perception of banjo music or banjo players is, this video will change it.

For starters, no song called Raining Blood was ever designed to be played on a banjo or by a guy in overalls and a straw hat, and no banjo was designed to be played as hard and fast as playing that song requires. (Here's the original version for comparison.)

Heavy bluegrass, or hillbilly metal, needs to become a thing. It is unknown what Earl Scruggs would have thought about this, but he'd have to be impressed.

Still better than Flappy Bird?

Every month or so a new "Kids React to Technology" video comes out and immediately goes viral. That's partly because the YouTube channel that posts them has more than 8 million subscribers and partly because they're always funny.

The latest installment has kids trying to figure out how to turn on and operate a 1970s home computer. This video is particularly funny because you'll likely be just as confused as they are. Their questions such as "why does it make so much noise?" and "why is it so big?" are excellent.

The kids are hopelessly loss at getting the computer to do simple math problems, but do prove to be pretty adept at playing the D-Day game that's on the floppy disk they're given. The game actually looks pretty good. Can someone please put it on an iPhone?


Speaking of kids, they really do have it rough. Among their issues is having too many girlfriends. Apparently this is not a problem when you're 4, but becomes a major hassle once you turn 5.

Don't worry, kid. It's better to want two girlfriends and have three than to want one and have none. And here's some free advice: do they know about each other? Because if they don't, that's an even bigger problem waiting to happen.

But this kid has another problem that's even worse. He's being raised by a mother who records videos vertically. There's no hope for him.

Animal of the Week

If you were given a link to a video about Frostie the Snow Goat, you'd watch it without any other information. You'd also watch a video of an animal with a disorder that makes him need a wheelchair to get around. You'd also watch a cute baby animal play with humans.

Consider your emotions fully preyed upon.

More stuff for when you're bored

Everybody likes a good massage, but not everybody likes snakes. If you are in the Philippines, that's a big problem. A zoo there uses four large pythons to give visitors a massage. The guy in the video describes it thusly: "Except for the snake trying to constrict my neck, it's quite comfortable." That seems like a major problem. Lucky for him, the massage is free.

LeVar Burton took to Kickstarter this week raise money for an online Reading Rainbow e-book database. The $1 million goal was met in one day, but Burton popped up in some other places, including as a guest in a YouTube science series to explain the formation of various types of rainbows.

You've always heard you can't trust your eyes. Well, now you can't trust your ears. Your nose will probably be next.

Americans love alcohol. We have Budweiser and bourbon, neither of which is made from artichokes or black licorice. According to the international intoxicating beverage taste test recorded in this video, that's a good thing.

Google is developing a driverless car because of course it is. This is the start of a path that either leads to no more traffic accidents and/or speeding tickets or sentient robocars hell bent on causing the destruction of mankind. Are cats behind this?

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