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Opponents to gas pipeline project withdraw

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Most opposition to a gas pipeline project running through Pima County is now off the table.

The Altar Valley Conservation Alliance and Sierrita Gas Pipeline, LLC have signed an agreement on the project which withdraws opposition.  However, some opponents are not part of this agreement.  

"Others have not signed agreements and AVCA certainly does not presume to speak for all of them," says Sarah King, Program Director of the Altar Valley Conservation Alliance.

The planned Sierrita pipeline would connect to the existing El Paso Natural Gas pipeline west of Tucson and hook up to a planned Mexican pipeline at the border.

The alliance has been against the project, citing concerns over border security and the health of the grasslands. Sierrita has agreed to provide the alliance with financial resources for a valley-wide project including direct support of watershed-wide restoration.

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