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New BBB warning about credit card deactivation scam

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A new scam warning is out from the Better Business Bureau, about deactivation of credit or debit cards. 

It does not matter what bank a person uses, the scammer poses as whatever bank it is and tries to get a person's personal information by telling them their card has been deactivated. 

BBB officials are warning the public not to fall for it.  A message is sent out that looks official, but is not. The scammer states there is a problem with the account, then they leave a number for the account holder to call.  BBB warns not to call the number, a recorded message will ask the person to verify their information, which may include punching in their credit or debit card number.  This is just a ploy to steal the information.  Officials also warn not to text any information back either; the text may ask the person to reply stop or not, this is also a way for the scammer to confirm they have a real, active number and they could continue to contact the account holder.

The BBB also suggests forwarding the texts to 7726, which alerts the cell phone carrier to block future texts from that number.

One thing this scam is teaching the public is about how banks communicate with their customers.  Remember not to call the number that is left with a message, instead go to the bank's website to find the actual number or use the number on the back of the card to verify if it has actually been deactivated.

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