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Governor proclaims June 8-13 monsoon awareness week

Monsoon storms around Tucson in 2012 (Source: cjstarbuck/See, Snap, Send It) Monsoon storms around Tucson in 2012 (Source: cjstarbuck/See, Snap, Send It)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Monsoon awareness week for Arizonans is happening June 8 - 13, according to a new proclamation by Governor Jan Brewer. 

This week is in anticipation of the 2014 monsoon season, which spans the hotter summer months from June to September. For many this means rain, high humidity and thunderstorms, but it also means flash floods, possible wildfires and heat related medical problems.

"Arizonans enjoy the refreshing rains that accompany the monsoon," said Arizona Division of Emergency Management (ADEM) Director Wendy Smith-Reeve, in a recent news release. "But we have to be prepared for the severe weather that may come along with it."

ADEM has partnered with the National Weather Service; the Arizona departments of Health Services, Insurance, Public Safety, Transportation and Water Resources; and The Salvation Army to advocate preparedness before the "rainy season." Arizonans are encouraged to take the following actions in preparation for the monsoon season:

Plan: Write communication and evacuation plans that identify a family meeting place, account for individuals' unique needs and family pets, and include an out-of-town contact. Practice this plan.

Prepare: Set aside enough non-perishable food and potable water to sustain the family (including pets) for 72 hours. Suggested kit items include first aid supplies, a radio, batteries and a flashlight. Pack a smaller "go kit" with copies of important documents, cash and a phone charger for evacuations.

Inquire: Know the threats to the community and how to react to them. Ask school officials about their emergency plans. Bookmark for emergency updates and preparedness information.

Inspire: Motivate others. Be a preparedness example by learning basic first aid, joining a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and/or talking to friends, family and coworkers about emergency preparedness. Better yet, take a friend or family member along to that first aid or CPR class.

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