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More children arrive as conditions improve in Nogales

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NOGALES, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Migrant children held at a Border Patrol facility in Nogales are able to shower after some have spent 10 days there, according to Honorary Consul of Honduras to Arizona, Tony Banegas.

Banegas returned to the facility Sunday to meet with more children, He said Border Patrol agents are listening to his concerns and those of the other visiting consuls.

"It's not the best, optimal condition for any child," he said. "I wouldn't want my own children in there, but they're making improvements."

The type of food provided to the children is the next concern for improvement, according to Banegas. He said the children would benefit from food they're more accustomed to from their home countries.

"Central Americans have different diets," he said. "They were providing a lot of flour tortillas, but just bring rice and beans and corn tortillas. They'll try to address that for tomorrow, I hope."

More showers are on the way, according to Banegas, but so are more children. He said staff inside is expecting another 200 children Sunday, which makes the total close to 900.

The honorary consul said he's traveled from Phoenix the last two days to meet with the children and ask them about their journey to the United States. He said many are searching for their parents.

"Their parents have been here a long time," said Banegas."They were babies when their parents left."

The children have questions for Banegas too. He said 95 percent of them are asking the same thing.

"They all want to know how long they're going to be here,which is a question I wish we had an answer for," he said. "I just tell them that we don't know."

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