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Nogales mayor: Donations approved for migrant children

NOGALES, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Donations of clothes and toys for children held at a Border Patrol facility in Southern Arizona are pouring in to Nogales City Hall.

Mayor Arturo Garino said Monday afternoon that he was happy to learn on a tour of the facility that agents will allow the bags and boxes full of donations.

"It shows the support of the people of Nogales, the citizens of Nogales," said Garino.

The support is spreading beyond city limits. Garino said he's had people reach out to him from across Arizona, California and Puerto Rico.

John and Pat Hemann drove from Green Valley with a car full of new clothes.

"We're leaving town in two days and we're packing up, but this is a priority," said Pat. "They are children of the world. They are the responsibility of all of us."

Garino said he was "comfortable" with the conditions inside the facility Monday. He believes Border Patrol is improving the situation for the children, because most of them seemed to be okay.

"I didn't see anybody crying," said Garino. "Except for two little girls that I talked to and they told me they were sad. And I asked why and they said they missed their parents."

A bank of telephones has been set up so the children can call their family and their consulate, according to Garino. He said he was impressed to see a bunch of computers lined up to help agents process the casework for the children.

Garino estimated there were 900 – 1,000 children when he toured the facility Monday afternoon.

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