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Professional golf will stay in Tucson and Southern AZ

Match play may be gone.  But, there is exciting news that professional golf will stay in Tucson and Southern Arizona.       

The PGA announced Tuesday the Omni Tucson National will once again host pro golf:   the Champions Tour Tucson Classic next March.           

This will be a three day event with 81 players competing for a $1.7 million purse on national television.               

Some feel this could be a more "fan friendly" event than Match Play.   There will be well-known senior golfers participating who have fond memories of Tucson and Tucson national.  The play won't be reduced to just two players on the last day.  And, another great advantage—it's in March instead of February with less chance of snow or frost delays.                       

Congratulations to Southern Arizona which retains golf and an important tourist event. 

But especially kudos go to the Tucson Conquistadors for making this happen.  These golf events have raised more than $28 million to go to local charities.               

Isn't it nice that there is more good news to talk about?

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