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MPS superintendent says major changes coming to program


There is some new information concerning the Montgomery Public Schools system.

The school board approved the strategic plan for the district on Tuesday.

Montgomery Public Schools Superintendent Margaret Allen explains how the plan is really a makeover of the district.

"What you would be approving are the goals, the vision, the mission, those core values and that logo," Allen said.

In a nut shell, Allen says she expects a re-branding of MPS.

"Truthfully, there is so much work to do," Allen said. "Re-branding is definitely the right word, but the time to do is going to really have to extend beyond the summer."

We won't see the logo right now, but Allen says we will at the start of the upcoming school year.

"With these statements being approved, our schools can now take a lot of what we've done and create their vision, mission statements that would be aligned with ours," Allen said.

Allen says there are four goals moving forward.

"How we support students and teachers and how we relate with parents and the community. How we dream of MPS. What we see when we close our eyes," Allen said. "We see children engaged. We see, just wonderful things happening from every stakeholder group. We see bright futures for our students."

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