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Special fee waiver for adopters who donate cat supplies

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The cat room at Pima Animal Care Center is getting crowded, in an effort to make some room they are offering a special on cat adoptions for the month of June.

PACC officials are offering a waiver on cat adoptions to those who donate cat food or supplies.  According to PACC there are 100 adoptable kittens in the center (an all time high), in addition to 200 adult cats. 

Adopters who qualify for the discount are those who bring in a donation from the PACC 'wish list' valued at $10 or more.  This donation will allow the adopter to have the $30 adoption fee waived.  The greatest needs at the moment are the following items: pate-style canned kitten food; powdered or liquid kitten milk replacer, pet baby bottles and kitten kibble. 

PACC is also offering a 'Change your Luck' special discount on Friday, June 13 for all dog adoptions.  After a family has located the dog they want to adopt, they can choose a bingo ball in the lobby to receive a special discount.

Officials with PACC would like to remind the public that they are participating in the ASPCA $100K Challenge with Rachel Ray.  The idea is for participating shelters to save as many dogs and puppies, cats and kittens in June, July and August this year as they did in the same time period as 2013.  PACC's goal is 5,000 animals.  

For more on the $100K challenge go online to  http://challenge.aspcapro.org/shelter/Pima%20Animal%20Care%20Center

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