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Better way to aid to Central American kids in BP processing facility in demand

TUCSON, AZ (TNN) – Support has poured in from southern Arizona to the hundreds of Central American children held in a Border Patrol processing facility in Nogales.  Just how much of the supplies are being put to use is uncertain and has some groups demanding more information from the federal government.

Humanitarian groups want FEMA to give them some sort of list of what to donate and how to do it, so that they can be sure that what is given is put to use. The City of Nogales has already been collecting supplies and believes that they're helping.

"I know they're playing with some of the Frisbees, and toys and balls, and crayons, and stuff like that that was also taken over there. And they are showering, so I'm sure that when they are showering, the clothes are being given to them," said Nogales mayor Arturo Garino.

Garino said that his contact with the Border Patrol assured him that the donated boxes of clothes and toys are being put to use. They could be seen Wednesday filling the lobby of Nogales City Hall before they went to the Border Patrol processing facility to help hundreds of children caught arriving in the United States from Central America after they crossed the border in south Texas.  The Kino Border Initiative said that clearer direction from federal authorities about donations are not being given.

"What do these children need and what system can we set up together in order to address those needs? Both FEMA the government agency and here churches and organizations in the local community, and we're still waiting for answer.  We are told that the plan is coming but it hasn't come yet," said Kino Border Initiative executive director Rev. Sean Carroll, S.J.

Garino said that he heard from Border Patrol that the processing facility will continue to take children from Central America until September.

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