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So far this is one of the warmest years ever

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We have been saying since the start of the year that our temperatures have been some of the warmest so far, and as we head into the hotter months, we will continue that trend.

Since the start of the year, or January first, Arizona has had the third warmest start to 2014. This is taking all highs and lows and all temperatures in between around the state and finding our average temperature. Tucson's average temperature has been 65.9°, which puts that value above the normal by 3.5°. 65.9° is also the highest average temperature to this date in any single year in Tucson and this data goes back 66 years.

We are not the only city in the western states to see the hottest year so far. Phoenix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco and Sacramento are among many that have seen extreme heat. But it has been a completely different story in the eastern half of the country. Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Washington D.C., International Falls and Mobile are among many cities out east that have seen one of the coldest years ever. No city out east has seen the coldest year yet but many are close.

For a complete list of temperature data for cities in the country click here.

We are not the seeing the highest average temperature above our normal so far out west. California is currently in its hottest year ever up to May 31 and this goes back 120 years.

Take a look at the above image. Every state has a value ranking from 1 to 120. The lower the number the cooler the state has been, the higher the number the warmer the state has been. So in Arizona out of 120 years it has been the third warmest so far with the value at 118. While in Minnesota it has been the tenth coldest ever this year.

More bad news for Arizona, it has been the fourth driest year on record. Below you will find state rankings from January first to now for precipitation. Same concept goes for the below image as the above image. The lower the number the drier it has been.

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