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BP issues statement, group draws diagram of conditions for children in Nogales

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) –Concern for Central American children continues as now the Secretary of Homeland Security speaks out about the massive arrivals in South Texas.

We're now getting a better idea of how these children are being treated by Border Patrol. The Border Patrol says it makes sure the hundreds of children passing through are treated humanely. Tucson News Now has yet to tour the facility, but even those who tour the facility cannot take pictures. 

Somos Independents did send Tucson News Now a diagram. They were able to tour the facility on Tuesday.  One woman says it was disturbing for her to see, but conditions have been improving.    

You can see from the diagram the boys and girls are separated inside caged area. To the right of the sleeping quarters, there is another caged area that is similar to a cafeteria lunch line. The actual makeshift cafeteria is on the right. There's enough room to hold at least two hundred kids at a time. 

Border Patrol says it makes sure these children are being treated properly.

Here's their statement:

"CBP is ensuring nutritional and hygienic needs are met; that children are provided meals regularly and have access to drinks and snacks throughout the day; that facilities include toilets; that they receive constant agent supervision; that children who exhibit signs of illness or disease are given proper medical care. Mistreatment or misconduct is not tolerated."

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson is addressing how to tell people in Central America that this is not the place for their kids.

The American Red Cross says that it will continue to help, and issued this statement:

"At the urgent request of the federal government to support the humanitarian needs of unaccompanied immigrant children crossing U.S. borders, the American Red Cross provided blankets and hygiene kits to U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Texas and is preparing to provide assistance with contacting and placing phone calls to the children's families in Nogales, Arizona."

About half of the children held in the center in Nogales will be transferred out of that facility by Friday. Some of them will be taken to a facility in Ventura, California. We're told it can hold up to 575 children. This could continue until September.

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