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Tu Nidito hosts special event for deserving siblings

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

As a kid, what could be cooler than being a superhero or a princess?

Tucson-based children and family services group, Tu Nidito, believes it's to be a loving sibling.

The non-profit group held an event Friday night that honors siblings of children who have serious illnesses, like cancer.

"We just noticed that a lot of times the child that has the illness, they get a lot of attention and sometimes siblings get pushed away a little bit," said Tu Nidito program manager Kristin Harrison.

So organizers hosted an event that gave the siblings an evening of fun events to let them know they aren't forgotten.

Tu Nidito opened its doors to nearly 20 kids for a fun evening of face painting, taking pictures with "More to the Story" princesses, and watching "The Little Rascal" with the company of service dogs.

Gabriela Lopez was among the group. Her 15 year old brother has muscular dystrophy.

"When my dad's off at work and my mom's sick or she doesn't feel like that good, I help my brother around. I can get him lunch, dinner, anything," Lopez said.

Friday night, however, Lopez was able to, for a moment, forget the troubles and enjoy a night with other siblings who are experiencing the same thing.

"I actually enjoyed this a lot because I have other people that are like me," Lopez said.

Tu Nidito, which first opened in 2000, supports children who are grieving the loss of a loved one, and families with children with serious medical conditions like cancer.

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