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Your Week in Music: Did FIFA get the World Cup song wrong?

Some fans think FIFA got it wrong with their choice for the 2014 World Cup Song. (Source: MGN) Some fans think FIFA got it wrong with their choice for the 2014 World Cup Song. (Source: MGN)

(RNN) - If you're familiar with the World Cup, you know a semi-major part of it is its music ... although not nearly as important as men running around kicking a ball in an attempt to score goals.

But nonetheless, every time the World Cup rolls around, FIFA chooses an anthem and a song that best represent its host country and then releases an entire album comprised of artists from around the globe.

This year, for host country Brazil, FIFA chose We Are One (Ole Ola) by Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte as the World Cup Song and Dar um Jeito (We Will Find a Way) by Santana and Wyclef Jean as the World Cup Anthem.

However, questions are being raised as to how authentic We Are One (Ole Ola) really is because Pitbull was born in the United States to Cuban parents and Jennifer Lopez is also American, with Puerto Rican parents. Claudia Leitte is a Brazilian pop star but she's only given about 30 seconds of singing time in the song. A little backwards, eh?

Shakira, who is from Colombia, sang the well-known 2010 World Cup Song Waka Waka, and she appears to have done it again this year - at least in the fans' eyes. Her song on this year's FIFA World Cup Album is outdoing the two official songs - which leaves us wondering, did FIFA get it wrong? 

The song is La La La (Brazil 2014) and is topping in both popularity on iTunes and in YouTube views.

So what do you think? Did FIFA get it wrong? Let us know your opinion in our poll. You can listen to We Are One (Ole Ola) here and La La La (Brazil 2014) here.

A 'Voice' collaboration

The Voice judges, all musicians from different genres, have been known to collaborate - and Adam Levine confirms new judge Gwen Stefani will be on the new Maroon 5 album.

The album, V, is out Sept. 2 and Levine says it's "everything we've ever done as a band musically ... all of those things on one album."

"It's what we used to sound like, what we sound like now, what we want to sound like tomorrow - it's all those elements combined to make what I think is a really great album."

The first single, Maps, dropped Monday.

Ed Sheeran and Demi Lovato perform duet

Demi Lovato's cover of Ed Sheeran's Give Me Love has been floating around the web since she first performed it at an iHeartRadio concert in April.

After fans combined the two performances in their own mash-up, it was only a matter of time before the two stars gave the people what they really want – a duet.

On Monday, Sheeran surprised fans at MyFM's My Big Night Out and teamed up with Lovato for their own version of the song.

After introducing Demi, Sheeran admitted "We've never done this before - we had a five-minute rehearsal in the dressing room. I think it sounds all right."

Well, all right was a bit of an understatement because the duet is actually quite good. You can see it for yourself, here.

New Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey's much anticipated album, Ultraviolence, is out, along with a new single.

Shades of Cool dropped Tuesday and features Del Rey's signature retro-alt-indie-chill vibe.

The album was produced by Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach.

Impromptu Sing-along

Sometimes there's nothing like a good, old-fashioned hymn to raise your spirits.

Visiting an Australian children's hospital, Keith Urban and wife Nicole Kidman gave an impromptu acoustic performance of Amazing Grace for the hospital staff, with nurses joining in.

Taking time to encourge caretakers and sick kids? Well done, guys, well done.

New Releases

Lana Del Rey: Ultraviolence - June 17

LINKIN PARK: The Hunting Party - June 17

Sam Smith: In the Lonely Hour - June 17

Jennifer Lopez: A.K.A. (Deluxe Version) - June 17

Upcoming Releases

Ed Sheeran: X - June 23

Sia: 1000 Forms of Fear - July 8

Jason Mraz: Yes! - July 15

Morrissey - World Peace Is None of Your Business - July 15

And Finally

Iggy Azalea's I'm So Fancy may be up for song of the summer, but we're pretty sure that all the mommies-to-be out there will like this version a whole lot better.

Parody song I'm So Pregnant may not be fancy, but it sure is true. The song's opening, for instance:

"First things first, I'm the roundest. They don't ask, but the whole world feel it - please don't feel it. I pee every 10 seconds, I cannot bend down - that would defy the laws of physics."

Nothing but truth in those lines, people.

So for all the pregnant ladies out there, here's your new song of the summer.

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