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Tucson Mountain Park could get trail makeovers

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Trail makeover at Tucson Mountain Park could happen as soon as this year. County officials want to revamp several trails to make them more sustainable. 

The project would last four years and cover 40 miles of trails.

Dozens of people showed up for a community input event on the proposed project on Tuesday evening.

Officials said many trails have eroded because of water run off and that there are many unofficial trails that people made in places where they weren't supposed to hike. The plan is to narrow wide eroded trails. Officials said this would allow for better hiking experiences for everyone and keep the trails more manageable. 

The county will call on volunteers to help with this project.

"I think it's a really great way to get people engaged in the trails and helping maintain them as well as build. I think people become stewards of trails when you help build trails," said Chris Ganes, an avid hiker and mountain biker.

"Everybody wants something but no one wants to work for it, everybody wants government to do everything. It'll be defined by who shows up and does it," said Evan Pinning who heads up a local mountain biking group. 

The plan is still in the beginning stages. If it gets approval, the project will break ground in November. 

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