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SW water supply hurt by drought

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The final water supply forecast for this year shows the West divided into a wet north and dry south. It is June and the snow pack has pretty much melted to this point but we can still see the problems being left behind the little snow seen this winter.

Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and the northern parts of Colorado and Utah are expected to have near normal or above normal water supplies through the rest of summer. Far below normal water levels are expected for the southern parts of Utah, California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. California dealing with some of the lowest water levels since records have been kept.

This year saw near-record low snowfall in parts of the southern western states. Even with some May precipitation, those areas remain dry. This does include Arizona and we saw that with Ski Valley not opening once this winter season. Take a look below at the weekly drought map, definitely not good news with no rain in the forecast.

Red indicates extreme drought while yellow is classified as dry.

The biggest change this season was in the Washington Cascades. At the beginning of February the snow pack was about half of normal, but it recovered and most of Washington will have a near normal water supply from snow melt. While it looked like we here in Arizona would have a good year with rain and snow, actually was one of the worst on records. We started November and December wet with over 3" of rain in Tucson but since January our rainfall was minimal (.61").

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