Scurran's new game

Tucson, AZ - Jeff Scurran is one of the nation's most recognized high school football coaches. He is an internationally recognized motivational speaker and consultant for corporate and educational seminars, and has been a featured speaker in many high schools, football clinics and university seminars throughout the U.S., Europe and Japan.

He holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Florida in Journalism and Communications, and a Master's Degree from the University of Arizona in Counseling and Psychology.

His new book, based on the true story of how he coached an underdog team, the 2004 Pima Aztecs, to an upset victory over the reigning national champions in a nationally televised bowl game, is entitled "One Game One Time".

His mantra of teaching success through sport is an educational absolute. In more than 40 years, he had never accepted a job with a team that had a winning record…yet all seven teams made it to the state playoffs by his second season.

Coach Scurran inherited three 0-10 teams in his career, taking each one to the state playoffs in year one, the latest in 2013. In addition, Scurran spent a year in Italy and took the Guelfi Firen- ze Team to a 10-1 record and the national semi-finals.

He was hired as the first football coach at Pima College in 2000, raising the funds himself to put the team on the field. In Pima's inaugural game, the team upset the defending national champions in one of the most memorable games in Southern Arizona history. In 2004, after only four years of a football program, Pima landed a Top Five national ranking with a huge upset in the nationally televised Pilgrim's Bowl Classic in Texas.

In 2005, the American Football Quarterly magazine named him "one of the nation's top coaching prospects," not realizing Scurran was in his fourth decade of coaching. In 2007, he was named National Coach of the Year by the NFL-SCA and selected to his community's Sports Hall-of-Fame.

In his spare time, Scurran has coached a collection of high school senior student-athletes, recruited from all over the US, to be ambassadors for American-style Football, known as Team Stars and Stripes. Since 2007, the Team has played exhibition games in Munich, Paris, Torino, Rome, and twice in Tokyo.

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