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Tucson water department prepared for continued drought conditions

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The final water supply forecast for this year indicates Arizona and areas in the region should expect some of the lowest water levels since records have been kept because of a dry winter.

With even less water expected to flow through Southern Arizona, Tucson News Now asked officials at Tucson Water what is being done to ensure there is an adequate amount of water.

Tucson Water Public Information Officer, Fernando Molina, said Tucson has enough water to cover its needs until at least the year 2040.

However, Molina said the department is working to deal with a possible long-term water shortage issue.

"We in essence are storing almost a half years worth of water underground right now," Molina said Wednesday. "We will be until we have cutbacks on deliveries of our river allocations."

Conservation efforts by the community have helped maintain the demand for water in the area, according to Molina.

"Through our conservation programs and our customers really becoming aware on how to use water efficiently, we are pumping and delivery to our customers the same amount of water that we did in 1994. The big difference is that we are now serving about 200,000 more customers. So that's a good indicator that our conservation programs are working."

Using less water by cutting back on watering plants or turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth also allows people to save money, according to Molina.

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