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McCain calls Central American surge a humanitarian crisis

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A humanitarian crisis to our south is how Senator John McCain characterized what Central American children are enduring to get here, and a reason that it must be stopped. 

The Senator arrived at the Nogales processing center about 2:45 p.m. Friday and spent about an hour and a half inside the complex.  Afterward, he said that the flow of children from Central America must be stopped by not allowing them to stay.

"They are well treated here. They are fed, they are clothed, they are given showers and other hygienic capabilities. But the fact is that there is now thousands and they are running out of places to put them," Senator McCain said.

Senator McCain said that a military base in Washington state could be the next place children from Central America are kept.  He said that the country must deport even those who are under 18 back to their home countries, and make clear to people in El Salvador Guatemala and Honduras that we will.

"Until we provide an immediate consequence for every individual who enters illegally, people will come and exploit the sympathetic nature of Americans," McCain said.

McCain said that Mexico must be pressured to secure its borders to prevent the migration here, and that we must secure our own also.  He said that not only those from Central America but people from around the world are crossing into south Texas, which raises concern about violence in Syria and Iraq reaching our homeland.

"It is very possible that people who want to do something bad here in United States of America could be coming across that order," he said.

Senator McCain said that he and Senator Jeff Flake have sent the President a letter telling him to not allow those under 18 to stay in this country.  He considered that a first step in changing the situation.  He said that more money for facilities and deportations to Central America will also be needed.

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