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Tucson rainwater harvesting rebate program continues this summer

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

This monsoon, Tucson residents may want to consider an incentive to save rainwater. The City of Tucson is continuing its rainwater harvesting rebate program.

Tucson Water will pay homeowners a maximum of $2,000 depending on the level of water that is harvested. Specific guidelines are listed here: http://www.tucsonaz.gov/water/rwh-levels

Applicants must also attend a three-hour education session to qualify for the rebate. The goal is to encourage people to think about harvesting rain as a way to conserve water, namely, water intended for outdoor irrigation. The Watershed Management Group is conducting these courses.

"One might argue that in a time of drought, this active harvesting of water becomes very important," said WMG Program Manager James DeRoussel.

Attendants at a class at the Ward 3 Council Office on Thursday learned how to install rainwater catchment systems in their home.

Cisterns store captured rainwater and the system's pipes transport the water to surrounding landscaped areas. This not only cuts homeowners' water bills but helps conserve the city's water supply.

Rich Knutson is remodeling his carport and workshop into a guest house. He decided to take advantage of the rebate and brought in a model of his guest house at Thursday's education session to get some tips on building the right system.

"We would be doing it one way or the other. Maybe not at the same level, but the rebate would maybe help us do more. So I like the rebate idea because it makes you do more than you would originally," Knutson said.

The Watershed Management Group will host several more meetings this summer. The next session is scheduled at the Ward 3 Council Office on July 31. Reservations are required.

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