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Crisis in Iraq explained through maps

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Secretary of State John Kerry met with leaders in Iraq on Monday to help try to end an insurgency that threatens to tear the country apart.

Kerry met with Iraq's prime minister for about an hour and a half, warning Nouri al-Maliki to share power with his political rivals before a militant uprising escalates into civil war.

Officials in Washington want al-Maliki to step down,  but the prime minister shows no signs of leaving.

Sunni extremists vowing to topple Iraq's Shiite-led government just captured more areas of northern Iraq.

Meanwhile, maps created by break down the country's crisis.

The first map shows Iraq divided into three parts based on religion and who controls the government.

Next is the fight over oil, and the next map shows regions where the oil regions are and where some of the fighting is happening.

Here's the effect: More than 2,000 civilians in Iraq have died in killings related to violence and terrorism in June, which is more deaths recorded in any other month over the past three years. Vox says fighting in Iraq has displaced more than 1 million people who then need to turn to refugee camps.

See the maps on here:

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